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Contact Information

Web: www.tandym.com
Email: saffprod@gmail.com
Fax: 678-354-0268
Snail Mail: PO Box, 965265, Marietta GA 30066


CSG Enterprises


Rob Buechner

Cover Art

Justin Tyme Ltd

Web Design & Programming

Saffold Productions, Marietta, Georgia.

Disc Manufacturing

Creative Disc and Web

Recorded and Mixed At

“The Wheelhouse”, Saffold Productions, Marietta, Georgia.

Special Thanks

Jo-D Klodner - Martin DM Guitar
Thomas Journey (TJ) - Martin DM Guitar

Jay wishes to thank Snuggly Poop - Moral Support and Cookies,
and to Champ and the new Lilly

Scott wishes to thank Barbara, Chris, and Zach for their love and support,
to Mom for her constant “ half full” enthusiasm and to Dad for his confidence.

Jimmy wishes to thank God that this CD is finally done, and to Mom and Dad.

All songs written, performed, produced and mixed by Tandym
All songs Under US Copyrights
All Rights Reserved.

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