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  • Creative Resources (Fargo, North Dakota)
  • The Music Corner (Charleston, West Virginia)
  • Rock in Access (Milan, Italy)
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Undertow - Online 'Zine

"This trio brings music I really love to listen to while driving long distances. The music of Tandym is your typical early 80's AOR. The CD takes off with the title track, a catchy tune with excellent vocals and harmony singing. I haven't heard many new bands who capture the sound of early 80's arena rock in this perfect way. You may say that Tandym sounds old fashioned but that is a weak argument because this type of music is timeless and there will always be an audience for pure AOR. Tandym is a talented trio that plays music with lots of keyboards, great hooks and masterful arrangements. People who like bands like Journey, Styx and Foreigner will be in heaven with this disk. I'm surprised that labels like Frontiers or MTM have not yet signed this band." by bruno

Flick Music

"This is one the of the greatest Rock CDs I have heard in a while. Reminding me of classic influential 80s greats like Def Leppard and Van Halen. Just about every song on this 11 track disc is radio friendly. Look for TANDYM to follow closely in the footsteps of Def Leppard!" by peter


"I'll keep this review sweet and simple, as this album is a treasure trove that deserves your attention. Tandym are a super cool AOR band from Georgia USA that build their music around simpistic ideas. The production is very swab and sophisticated and the music bares comparisments to Europe, FM, Journey, Loverboy, etc. Of the songs that come out on top, you can include "Annie", a song that could almost be Journey thenselves and the piano led ballad "All in You" which loosens up the album and reminds me of Passion Street anmongst others. " by Nicky Baldrian

Ball Buster Hard Hard 5 Reviews

"...This Georgia-based trio has been described as "a shining light at the end of the alternative tunnel." Their colorful cover art appears to be a silhouette of the Seattle skyline, Space Needle and all, encapsulated inside a bubble that is floating away in a stormy sky. If that's what it is, I like that sentiment. Excellent musicianship and vocals. Their music style is that of the AOR band of the '70s and '80s such as Styx, Toto, Journey, Loverboy, Glass Tiger, Europe, Asia and Bon Jovi. I like this sound---it's easy on the ears and there's no depressive whining. Even MTV gave them second place in their Energizer Rock-n-Roll Challenge, a national talent search for the best college band. There is the usual selection of love and love-in-trouble songs here, a couple of ballads thrown in for good measure, but this band offers more creativity than other bands I've heard attempting this style recently. "Jericho" has a prog-rock slant and "The Busdriver" outlines the bus ride from hell. This is just what I'm referring to when I tell bands in this genre stuck in the love-song rut that there's a world full of subjects to write about. " By Brynn McKenna

Daily Digital Opinion Volume 2, Issue 139

"...Tandym's self-produced "City Out Of Time" is a  sweet slab of ballsy, early-'80s-FM-hit-style hard rock and classic rock, spiced with marvelous,  creative musicianship and impressive vocal  harmonies. Many Tandym tunes are absolutely  excellent, like the dramatic hard rock of  "Jericho," the rolling rock and monster hooks of  "Can't Blame The World" and "Annie," the moody and  engrossing "I'll Wait," the straight-ahead hard  rock of "Lovin' For Granted," and the multi- faceted, Styx-y ballad "All In You." Their  arrangements are also outstanding, balancing guitar  and keyboards to maintain both atmosphere and  energy, always playing within the song but still  stretching out a bit.  Even more impressive are  their solo breaks and outros, which are themselves enough to set Tandym apart from the  melodic rock pack. This is a tremendous indie  release for fans of this style,  well worth checking  out at the Tandym website." Reviewed for the DDO by The Big Room

The Daily Herald Columbia, Tennessee

"...This album reflects the culmination of the memeber's influences and a refreshing return to straight-ahead rock-n-roll. It is reminiscent of bands such as Loverboy or Styx. There are great vocals, nice harmonies, and the arrangements are tastefully done. The group comes across as if they have been together for years. It is straight-forward rock music that is not too heavy and not too mellow. " by Entertainment Staff Reviewer (Volume 102 Number 30)

"OUAS" Music E-newsletter Clifton, Virginia

"...Comprised of accredited musicians and holding onto a classic AOR/hardrock sound that many "OUAS" readers should appreciate, Tandym won't let any modern-rock, alterna-mainstream trend interfere with their songwriting and sound. Yes, the album's title may describe where there music is, "out of time," but there is nothing wrong with tapping into the roots of hardrock. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Tandym delivers touching ballads with "Love Walked Away" and " All In You," but not without neglecting the more rockin' necessities: I'll Wait." The songwriting and musicianship are award-winning, literally (Atlanta Songwriter's Association, etc.). Any fan of bands like Triumph, Boston, or Touch, even Kansas and Journey, need to invest in this disc. In a radio and video world of modern rock, some classic rock'n'roll is, ironically, a breath of fresh air." by Wes Royer

Hard Roxx Magazine - Issue 36 UK

"The band really excels in songwriting department and good songs will allways shine through. This CD can hold it's head up high as a mighty fine independant release that should be sought out immediately by all you who like this style of band." by Rob Evans

Strutter Magazine Holland

"Tandym is a 3-piece act from the States and they play pure 80īs AOR. Tandym is Jay Saffold (Vocals, guitars and keys), Scott Goodfellow (vocals, keys) and Jimmy Baughman (drums, percussion, bgv). The group has been recognized as semi-finalist in the Atlanta songwriters association 1996 talent search. These guys are influenced by some great 80īs AOR acts like Franke & the knockouts, Night Ranger, Sheriff, Survivor, Reo Speedwagon and Foreigner. The songs has great hooks, guitars, keyboards and harmony vocals all that you wanna hear on a good AOR-record. Donīt walk away is a mid-tempo AOR-song with a great chorus and harmony vocals, The best song on this album is the fantastic Annie, this song has it all, listen to the great pianos in the background, harmony vocals, guitars and a superb chorus. If you like Franke & the knockouts then you will love this song, one of my favourite songs so far this year. GREAT AOR-SONG. Love walked away is a piano-ballad with class with good harmony vocals. City out of time and Donīt walk away are 2 great AOR-songs. The cd ends with 2 average songs those are the only weak songs on this cd, otherwise itīs filled with great 80īs AOR. Tandym has done a great record and I hope many AOR-fans will hear this stuff, because this is what AOR is all about." by Juhan

Starting Point UK

"City Out Of Time is a Contemporary rock album for the masses, with tunes that have been written creativley with feeling and soul. This 3 piece of Saffold, Goodfellow and Baughman have come up with the goods and made an album that blends slick guitar parts with harmonic vocals. There's quite a bit of variety on this album that comes in the form of Ballads and all hard hitting rock tracks. I was quite pleased to hear a different sound to the usual mix of traditional rock. Thank you Tandym for a breath of fresh air."

State of the Rock World Listowel, Ontario Canada

"Debuting at #4 on our charts, "City Out Of Time" is recorded for one purpose: to blow you away. This three piece act from Georgia remembers what rock is about. The entire disc is filled with great riffs and catchy lyrics (I bet you can't help but to sing along to the chorus to track #5, "Don't Walk Away!!") that are excelently written but are unfortunatly out of style in today's 90's modern rock world. There are a few bands that I back 110% (Shameless, Jester & Dave Baldwin) and I now add Tandym to that list. They are one of the tightest and melodic acts I've heard in years, just check out the title track to see what I mean. It's a perfect marriage of melody, music and lyrics. And those drums! The skins are the first thing I listen to and Tandym's stickman knows his stuff!
BOTTOM LINE: It's one of the best AOR discs in the past five years. It belongs in your collection." by Snazz

9 Muses (ninemuses) St. Louis, Missouri

"Power ballads and arena rock have never really gone out of style. Most people are just afraid to admit that they liked the stuff that the 80's made so darn popular. Most people like their music to have a sort of 90's flair to it as well these days. For those of you who fit this bill, Tandym is that band for you. This trio, made up a members who have already won scores of musical awards plays the perfect balance of 80's power with a 90's sociability. This self produced album is jam packed of power hits, like "Annie," that make you want to pump you fist in the air. It also got those songs that are a blend of Richard Marks and Queen that beg for a sea of lit lighters. There are even impressive arena ballads like the should be single "Can't Blame The World." Ending out the album are two tracks which are the crowning achievements of this album: "Lovin' For Granted," which roots itself in a sound that is still 80's but very close to the more modern alternative sound. Tandym is that kind of band that grows on you the more you listen to it. Even though I normally prefer black metal and industrial, Tandym's City Out Of Time may just stay in my player for a while." by Chain

GAJOOBzine Salt Lake City, Utah

"This is my kind of music! I liked this CD right off the bat! There is some great musicianship on this tape. Very good vocal work, especially on harmonies. This CD is full of great lyrics that are meaningful and true to life. My first impression was a Survivor/Winger sound. Jay Saffold, Jimmy Baughman and Scott Goodfellow are the components of TANDYM and all are award winning musicians and that is definitely brought out in this CD. This has a very late 80's early 90's sound that I think is starting to make a comeback. If things roll right, TANDYM should be right on the mark! Song notes: City Out Of Time - Good title track. This song caught my attention right away and made me look forward to what else was on the CD. Annie - I can see why this song (and "Don't Walk Away") were highlighted in the Atlanta Songwriter's Association 1996. These are some good pieces of work! Love Walked Away & All In You - Great rock ballads! Great lyric work on these as well. This CD is a well produced, high quality piece of work. Good promo pack and nice CD work as far as the jacket and info on the CD. I'll be looking for these guys on MTV (if they ever start playing music videos again)! Overall on a scale from 1-5, I give it a 5!" by Sticks

1/2 Creeper (Oct '97 Publication) Shamokin, PA

"A rock/pop trio that brings back memories of such radio-ready bands like Styx, Journey, Reo Speedwagon, Firehouse, and to a lesser degreee, Bon Jovi. City out of Time is an 11-song CD that's got enough rock to make you roll and enough pop to become radio friendly. I can see this band dominating on top ten charts all over the world. Great production, crisp, clear sound; it's all blended together to make one explosive release! Tandym is a household name in the making. I don't think they'll die out anytime soon, the music and the songwriting show a lot of strength. The potential for greatness is here. If the band can capitalize on it, there's no telling how far they'll go. Music that leaves a good taste in your mouth ... check it out!" by Paul Autry

Raw-Indie-Rock Burlington, Ontario Canada

"I like City Out of Time a lot. Really quite pleasing to the ear. The kind of music that brings back memories of bands like Styx, Loverboy, or for that matter Glass Tiger and Honeymoon Suite. Production is very good for what they are doing, it fits really well.
Musicianship is excellent!! Great vocals and nice harmonies with arrangements that are most tastefully done. They come across like they have been together for quite some time. Very nice to hear. This is straight forward rock music, not heavy, not mellow, just plain good. Overall I like it!" by Gary King

Stormwatch Zine Amherst, MA

Although its probably one of the lightest things Ive reviewed for this zine, I felt this band was definitely talented enough to be included. Tandym play in the vein of bands like Triumph, Journey, and Boston, almost in retro-fashion.. Jay Saffold, Scott Goodfellow, and Jimmy Baughman (the trio that make up this band) are all proficient players, and the vocals are perfect for this type of music. They have put together 11 tracks here, each being solid, melodic, with occasional rock hooks. Good songs here are "Ill Wait" and "Symptom of Reality". If you are a fan of Journey, Van Halen, Triumph, Foreigner, and the like, you can NOT go wrong with this band.Its not metal, folks, but its good music. A band whose sound and image fits perfectly into one of the more overlooked (and probably underrated) genres in music. Rating: 4/5" by Azzie

Expose' Magazine Newark, CA

"...reference points might be bands like Foreigner, Journey, Eddie Money, Van Halen and so on, you know it well...That said, these guys do an excellent job of what they do, well crafted songs, clever arrangements, and tight playing by all - in fact nobody makes music quite like this anymore, and I found the disc to be refreshing in its ability to authentically recapture the sound of that era..." by Peter Thelen

Altar Native Magazine Miami, FL

"Some bands attempt to recreate music from the late 70s-early 80s genre manage to come across as a rehashed version of what once was. Other bands seem to have preserved the original integrity. Such is the case with Tandym, who successfully recreates the sounds made famous by bands like Styx and early Journey. This Marietta, Georgia trio utilizes lively harmoniesand a guitar/keyboard combination that adds warmth and color. A good sign that things can remain the same and yet stay fresh" by OP

The Music Scene Chicago, IL

"Tandym's music is like taking a trip down memory lane. Can you remember rockin' to a beat that hadn't yet been over-analyzed? You know when music just fell into really broad categories like rock 'n' roll, country or disco. Well Tandym has music with such a strong rock feel that you will feel bliss. You can hear the guitar riffs and longing vocals. There's no way to describe the straightforward rock that center around positive lyrics. That's a breath of fresh air. Tandym won't be the next alterna-punk band of the month, instead they have something that lasts a little longer.
Tandym makes songs that are about love, goodness and hope, things that we don’t always get to hear enough of! " by Daphne Robinson

The Crass Menagerie Ephraim, Utah

"It's been a long time since I've heard a new band emulate seventies AOR rock ala KANSAS, BOSTON, TOTO etc. Well this trio from Georgia do just that. They have the soaring rock melodies, the powerful vocal harmonies, and the emotionally charged lyrics to do a respectable job in recreating one of rock music's biggest periods. This was the music I grew up listening to and I still love it (I know very un-punk of me). TANDYM doesn't always hit the nail on the head, but at least they are swinging the hammer!" by Jeb Branin

Splendid Zine White River Junction, VT

"...their music is definitely a return to the big guitar sound of the early '80's...Can't Blame the World's guitar riff could easily have been lifted off a Boston record. Other songs recall Journey and Bon Jovi...this is waving cigarette lighter music!"

Kaliedospace Los Angeles, CA

"Veteran musicians come together in Tandym to remind us there's light at the end of the alternative rock tunnel! With their dramatic vocals and a hard metal edge, Southern-based Tandym fuses musical tradition with exploration that takes us out of ourselves into the concert that makes the best of rock. Check out samples from their album "City Out of Time" on Kspace".

Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter East Lansing, MI

Tandym's "City out of Time" is rooted in late 70's/early '80s guitar rock. Mid-tempo axe solos, hints that the songwriters at least pay attention to progressive hard rock, melodic vocals, and heartbreak songs...they could fill the void left by Styx.

Creative Loafing Atlanta, GA

"Marietta-based hard rockers Tandym who, (despite their name are a trio) have a new self-produced CD entitled "City out of Time", which recreates 80's hard rock in the Boston/Winger/BonJovi mold." by Gregory Nicoll [Local Releases 6-28]

Aiding and Abetting St. Petersburg, FL

"Keyboard-drenched AOR stuff, from the Journey and Survivor school of thought...this stuff is a perfect recreation of the biggest sound of the mid-80's."

Jam Magazine Altamonte Springs, FL

"With a nod to the lush orchestrated rock sound of the late `70's / early `80's groups like Europe, Asia and all continents in between, Tandym cranks out keyboard / synth heavy rock, with just enough hooks and technicality to remind you of those glory days of high school when supergroups actually were super." by Dennis Walkling

Topp Radio Oslo, Norway

"Their style of hard rock will always have fans, and they do write good songs." by Curt Sigurdsen

The New Breed Piqua, Ohio

"Well this one is not metal or extreme or experimental. A simple way to describe Tandym is a pop Dokken. They play their instruments extremely well and the recording/production is big label material. Need I say more" by Nelson H.

State of the Rock World Listowel, Ontario Canada

I love it! Thats the kind of music we love at State of the Rock world... Two thumbs up" by Dennis

Pure N Simple

"City Out Of Time" is the latest release by Georgia based Tandym. Showcasing catchy melodies with guitar, big production arena rock, reminiscent of Styx and Europe, Tandym has put together a great melodic rock disc. "City" serves as an excellent time machine. Thirty seconds into the title track and I was transported back to a sold out, 20,000 seat capacity, arena rock show with laser lights, fog machines, big hair and a sense of unity. The eleven songs on "City" play like an eighties set list, complete with high energy, keyboard driven tracks; to the piano ballad "All In You". It saddens me that bands like Tandym are fighting an up hill battle for well deserved recognition, but if that fight is to ever be won, it will be the likes of Tandym we will have to thank. "

100% Independent

"I'm very familiar with the time and place these guys are trying to capture. It's almost scary, but they've got that sound down. Sounding like Night Ranger, a less-heavy Bon Jovi, and, well...Night Ranger, Tandym knocks out 11 arena ready rockers straight out of the time capsule. My favorite was Don't Walk Away. The band plays well enough, with effective guitar solos and some decent harmonies. They're the real deal. Rating: 5!" by Chrispy