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"Album number two for Atlanta based AOR and melodic rock newcomers Tandym. Tandym were formed in the early ninties and have recieved postive press for their debut album "City Out Of Time", the album showed similarities to Nightranger, Preview, Thrills, Styx etc. One song on that album which stood out was called "Annie", a fantastic AOR-song with an unbeatable chorus which actually gained some radio airplay. The songs on the new cd are much better, the production is a lot better and the band seem to be on a roll with such excellent songs as "No Reason" and "Understanding". The former is similar to Nightranger, whilst the latter sounds like a calmer Jaded Heart. Being an accoustic guitar flavoured song "Understanding" also offer similariteis to Kee Marcello's "Shine On" album. However there are a further two songs that win top scores of ten points, these are "Out Of The Blue" and the truly excellent "My Eyes". Now "My Eyes" is a very singable song indeed - the chorus is just so damn irrisistable, Bon Jovi, Steve Perry (solo) and the recentley released Prisoner album amongst others. "My Eyes" is the albums best track which I cannot get out of my head for the life of me. Featuring a total of eleven tracks Tandym cover what we all love about melodic rock and AOR, from catchy melodic rock and AOR songs to your obligatory ballads. Only the first three songs didn't work for me which were "What You Feel", "Too Far Too Gone" and "Worry About You", but that's just a minor quibble to an otherwise terrific album and a band to keep your eyes on. For more info on Tandym, Email:-sgoodfellow@mindspring.com or info@tandym.com. The band also have a website for you to visit at http://www.tandym.com/" Rating:- 8/10 by Nicky Baldrian